Official Zingy products on their way?

Speaking to Marketing Week, EDF have given the strongest hint yet that consumer products based on the loveable Zingy are set to become a reality. It’s the news we’ve waited over a year to hear – and can hardly contain our excitement!

Find Zingy Toys on Amazon

Find Zingy Toys on EBay

The move is a result of huge interest from EDF customers – and is part of the company’s ongoing effort to build their brand and entertain customers.

Although no details of possible launch dates or specific products have yet been released, it’s a sure bet that a MyKeepon-style Zingy will be the hero product which will be supported by a whole host of related merchandise.

Behind the scenes Zingy footage emerges

EDF have just released some exclusive footage showing Zingy having a makeover for his new advert. The little chap seems to pretty relaxed, having now got quite a few acting gigs under his belt.

Awesome new EDF advert launched

In the latest advert for EDF’s Blue+ Price promise, Zingy can be seen getting his groove on to the classic Cars track ‘Just What I Needed’ from 1978.

He can be seen doing the ironing, checking on the washing machine and having a ride on a Scalextric car. Check it out below!

New EDF advert renews Zingy toy interest

Directed by Therapy Films and featuring the song, Together We Are Beautiful by Fern Kinney, EDF’s brand new advert features an adorable basset hound called Morgan.

The advert is designed to promote the company’s Blue +Price Promise tariff but we’re far more interested to see Zingy’s adventures on his way home with Morgan.

Whilst EDF and Wow Stuff (makers of the My Keepon toy) remain tight lipped on an official Zingy toy, we’re convinced it can only be a matter of time.

Boombastic EDF advert featuring Zingy

Fans were ecstatic when EDF’s Zingy made a welcome return to their TV screens in a new advert in January 2013.

Set to the popular dance theme Boombastic, Zingy can be seen gyrating on a Scalextric set, a vacuum cleaner, a computer keyboard, a kitchen liquidiser, a hair dryer and a leaf blower!

Wow! Stuff CEO hints at Zingy toy release

Wow! Stuff CEO Richard North has hinted at the possibility of a 2013 Zingy toy release as reported in the toy trade publication, ToyNews.

North has been quoted as saying “I can confirm that if Zingy were to come out, there’s no doubt it would be a best-selling toy. I can also confirm we’ve had massive consumer demand to bring the item out as a toy.”

New MyKeepon teaser adverts announced

MyKeepon, the charming little yellow blob that inspired EDF’s Zingy will be appearing in a series of 10-second teaser adverts in the run-up to Christmas.

Reminiscent of the Zingy campaign, these short, sharp MyKeepon promos feature the little cutey bopping away to Donovan’s classic hit Mellow Yellow.

Zingy Sparks a MyKeepon Sell-Out

The clever peeps at Wow! Stuff have confirmed that their MyKeepon toy, the precursor to Zingy, has now completely sold out.

Ever since Zingy fever started to sweep the nation back in April, punters have been clamouring to get their sticky mitts on a Zingy toy. Realising that an EDF-authorised Zingy toy hasn’t even been confirmed, let alone released, fans of the little blob have taken solace in MyKeepon which is the toy that Zingy is based on.

Wow! Stuff CEO, Richard North, confirmed to the toy trade magazine, ToyNews, that his company has “sold out of production for 2012″ and that any stock that comes in over the next few months “will be all that is available for this year.”

Some opportunist traders have been putting MyKeepon on sale via Amazon at silly money, including a used one for £155, well in excess of the recommended retail price of £30.

Zingy 3D Model Launched

TurboSquid have launched a 3D modelling template for Zingy fans. Designed for use in games, animations or just for fun, the 3DS Max download is priced at $39.99.

Zingy 3D Model Template From Turbosquid

Zingy 3D Model Template From Turbosquid

Zingy Helps Song Back Into The Charts

Together In Electric Dreams Artwork

Together In Electric Dreams Artwork

The Official Charts Company has confirmed that the hit song, Together in Electric Dreams, which featured in Zingy’s first advert earlier this year has sold around 30,000 downloads since the advert was first broadcast.

The 80s classic by Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder typically gets around 100 downloads/week, but the use of the track on EDF’s advert campaign has increased this to a staggering 7000 downloads/week.

The song even made an appearance in the UK Singles Chart when it peaked at Number 46 before being knocked out again. Impressive stuff Zingy!

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