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EDF Energy’s Zingy TV Adverts

First aired on April 2, Zingy was catapulted into TV superstardom with this charming advert from one of the UK’s most creative advertising agencies, AMV BBDO.

Just a couple of days later, Zingy fans were treated to a second advert which sees a downhearted Zingy suddenly bounce to life to the beats of the famous Hawaii Five-O theme song.

Zingy: Who Do You Think You Are?

Believe it or not, toyologists can trace Zingy as far back as 16th April 2008 when a US federal trademark was filed for “Keepon” by California-based company BeatBots LLC.

My Keepon and Zingy

Best Buddies: My Keepon and Zingy

For several years previously, BeatBots founders had been using a robot in studies into therapeutic practices for children with autism and other developmental disorders. Keepon Pro was the first commercially available product that came from this research, and quickly racked up awards from all corners of the globe.

It was in 2011 that BeatBots LLC teamed up with one of the UK’s most innovative toy companies, Wow! Stuff, to produce a version of Keepon Pro that could have mass market appeal at a sensible price-point. This saw the birth of My Keepon – an interactive robot that responds to touch and sounds – and who went on to be one of the biggest toy success stories of Christmas 2011.

My Keepon from Wow! Stuff

Wow! Stuff’s adorable My Keepon

In 2012, EDF Energy approached BeatBots to develop an orange version of the character that we know all know as “Zingy”, and who has already fronted some of the most talked about TV adverts of the year.

Peter North, the CEO of Wow! Stuff has described Zingy as My Keepon’s ”mischievous brother” although has had to remain very “tipped lipped” about any potential development of the character.

Introducing Zingy, EDF’s Dancing Mascot

Zingy first bounced and danced his way onto our TV screens on 2nd April 2012 when the adorably cute little orange character became the poster child of EDF Energy’s Feel Better Energy campaign.

The advert saw Zingy bopping around to Phil Oakey’s 1984 classic song Together in Electric Dreams whilst helping out with various household chores such as vacuum cleaning, ironing and doing the washing.

The advert was a simple concept, but one that saw social networking sites glowing orange-hot with fans of the blob wanting to know more about him and where he could be purchased. They were however, sadly disappointed to learn that EDF had “no plans” to make Zingy into a toy.

What followed saw Zingy fans from all over the globe taking the matter into their own hands and crafting all kinds of unofficial merchandise that Has spread like wildfire on auction sites such as eBay.

To date there have been keyrings, cake moulds, hand-knitted plush toys and magnets, not to mention birthday cards, t-shirts, mugs and necklaces. Guitarists can even buy Zingy-inspired plectrums, although it’s unclear how many rock-stars have actually used theirs in concert.

Unofficial Zingy Merchandise

Unofficial Zingy Merchandise

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