Introducing Zingy, EDF’s Dancing Mascot

Zingy first bounced and danced his way onto our TV screens on 2nd April 2012 when the adorably cute little orange character became the poster child of EDF Energy’s Feel Better Energy campaign.

The advert saw Zingy bopping around to Phil Oakey’s 1984 classic song Together in Electric Dreams whilst helping out with various household chores such as vacuum cleaning, ironing and doing the washing.

The advert was a simple concept, but one that saw social networking sites glowing orange-hot with fans of the blob wanting to know more about him and where he could be purchased. They were however, sadly disappointed to learn that EDF had “no plans” to make Zingy into a toy.

What followed saw Zingy fans from all over the globe taking the matter into their own hands and crafting all kinds of unofficial merchandise that Has spread like wildfire on auction sites such as eBay.

To date there have been keyrings, cake moulds, hand-knitted plush toys and magnets, not to mention birthday cards, t-shirts, mugs and necklaces. Guitarists can even buy Zingy-inspired plectrums, although it’s unclear how many rock-stars have actually used theirs in concert.

Unofficial Zingy Merchandise

Unofficial Zingy Merchandise

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